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About us

METAL ART CLIPS is a leading manufacturer of sheet metal components with production facilities located in Bhayander, Mumbai.
At our end, we engineers, who have thirst for innovation, to implement novel ideas every now and then for cost control, and supplements quality up-gradation. The improvement in quality and cost control is forwarded to our customers, which makes our product more attractive. The unit is well equipped with most recent instruments and equipment for quality evaluation. Experienced engineers inspect all the products before dispatch to ensure that our party gets best of our quality. We strive hard to achieve unique quality. The proprietor himself a highly qualified and experienced tool and product designer, the company is totally competent to meet any of the technical requirements of its customers.
Apart from our great variety of standardized products we also offer, on request, a large number of customer specific items. By means of our CAD-Systems we are able to design and manufacture together with you almost any ring fit for your individual application.
We firmly believe that your contacting us for any of your requirements will lead to a long and fruitful business relationship, which will be mutually beneficial to both of us.

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